COVID-19: Keeping your global projects running

By Mark Baggs, Head of Global

Deploying expatriate workers globally to complete international projects has long been a common choice for businesses around the world. It allows them to engage a worker that they are already familiar with, to deliver the same standard of excellence that they regularly achieve – abroad. It allows businesses to test new markets and engage new customers all around the world.

Recently, the impact of COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdown has imposed great difficulties for businesses who choose to deploy workers in this way. Along with the health risks that expats are exposed to when travelling in the current climate, it has become significantly more difficult to fulfil immigration and work permit obligations - as government’s locking down their borders disrupts visa processing.

One emerging trend from the outbreak has been the increased popularity of remote working solutions. Microsoft Teams, for example, has experienced an increased usage of 24 million. Despite this interim solution for many, some business’ global projects have requirements for workers to be on the ground to ensure their continuity.

So how can you keep your global projects running during COVID-19?

With the impact on talent resourcing in many countries, the maintenance of global projects can seem like an impossible challenge. But there are ways around this. It is still achievable for organisations to keep their global projects running without expatriates travelling or having a legal entity to hire temporary employees in-country.

Employer of Record

To put it simply, an Employer of Record acts as the ‘hirer’ and ‘employer’ of your behalf while you manage the worker’s day-to-day activities. It allows organisations to engage overseas talent in-country, without the high investment of setting up a foreign entity or the compliance risk of ensuring that your employees are in line with local laws.

If your global projects have been put on hold due to inaccessibility caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, you can temporarily engage an Employer of Record to resource and retain interim employees to keep your projects running. You’ll stay in full control of your global workforce and can utilise remote working methods at home to communicate with your workers and keep oversight on the project.

The best thing about utilising an Employer of Record? You can get new workers onboarded within as little as 48 hours, with a low investment and high potential return.

With other companies closing their operations, there is a good opportunity for organisations to become the leaders in their market by engaging an Employer of Record model.

International Contractors

Another cost-effective strategy to keep your global projects running is to hire international contractors overseas to deliver particular services for your requirements. In the current uncertain market, contractors can prove to be a lucrative option as the economy fluctuates.

The main challenge that is accrued when engaging independent contractors is the task of familiarizing yourself with local laws and ensuring that the contractor’s status is classified correctly to avoid any penalties.

How can Procorre Global help?

As a global project services and global expansion consultancy, we can help businesses to overcome any of the challenges that they encounter when finding the best option to retain their international presence. We are an Employer of Record and can facilitate global employment in over 120 countries, engage new global employees seamlessly, and assist you with the management of your global projects.

If you’re looking to engage contractors, we can simplify this process by providing our in-depth knowledge of in-country local compliance laws.

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