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When it comes to expanding your business and recruiting international talent, it’s essential to harness an in-depth understanding of your chosen locations’ workforce, skills shortages, and opportunities. Expanding into areas which boast low unemployment rates and a skilled workforce can prove challenging when it comes to recruiting without the support of an experienced partner. Alternatively, in developing nations with high unemployment rates it can be difficult to ensure you’re getting the very best talent, as opposed to what is available.

That’s why we at Procorre Global have partnered with Gibson Watts, a leading international recruiter who support growing businesses looking to grow their teams. Gibson Watts support every stage of a business’s journey when they are looking to recruit international talent, ensuring that the best overseas teams are established to enable success.

Who is Gibson Watts?

Gibson Watts is a global executive search and recruitment firm with a global presence. They connect forward-thinking businesses to their future leaders and build world-class teams. Gibson Watts’ team prides itself on its ability to support clients with in-depth industry knowledge; the team works closely with Procorre Global to deliver this expertise on a global scale.

With Gibson Watts’ executive search and recruitment offering, it can support with every recruitment challenge from establishing an in-country employed workforce, contractors, or executive-level leadership teams.

When collaborating with Procorre Global on international projects, Gibson Watts combines its industry knowledge with our in-country expertise. This collaboration ensures that we provide the very best global employment solutions for you, wherever you are; whatever you do.

Why us?

Clients choose us on account of our ability to support every stage of the recruitment and global expansion process. Gibson Watts, utilising Procorre Global’s in-country expertise, can appoint the finest professionals in your chosen country. Following the recruitment process, Procorre Global can then assist you with every aspect of the global payroll and employment outsourcing process, to ensure a streamlined global expansion with ongoing support.

Alternatively, if you’re looking recruit professionals in your current location and relocate them to an international location, we can provide the same level of unparalleled expertise for this.

No matter where, or what your global employment challenge is, our partnership is dedicated to guiding you through it.

Are you ready to recruit globally?

Whichever stage of the global expansion journey that you’re at, our advisors are on-hand to give you support. Procorre Global has a variety of in-country assets and experienced advisors which can educate your team on the best locations to expand globally and how to do it.

Engage in an initial consultation with our team today to discuss your global expansion vision.

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